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Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (24/24) Other Palettes, Layer Comps, Workspace

Introduction to Fundamentals: Working with type and paragrpahs, creating and saving layouts with layers compostions, clone source.

Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (23/24) Tool Presets, Brushes Palette, Levels

Introduction to Fundamentals: Advanced Brush Options, Using and Creating Tools Presets, Working With Levels to increase and decrease contrast.

Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (22/24) History Palette, Actions Palette, Colorize

Introduction to Fundamentals: multiple undos & saving work stages with history palette, colorizing artwork preserving texture, automate repetitive tasks

Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (21/24) Paths Palette, Vector Graphics

Introduction to Fundamentals: creating and saving multiple paths, converting paths to selections and selections into paths using path palette

Folder: Photoshop for the Fashion Industry

Definition: Digital fashion design is the process of completing fashion industry tasks and projects that were formerly done by hand, using computer design programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Using Adobe Photoshop For Fashion Design

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most commonly used programs in the fashion industry because it allows designers to complete important fashion design tasks. Using Photoshop, fashion designers can re-color textiles, create textile design repeats, clean scanned images, assemble CAD presentations, render sketches, add dimensional shading, and more!

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