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Easily Recolor Fabric Patterns for Fashion Colorways with Adobe Illustrator “Live Color”

Apparel designers and fashion CAD designers can use pre-sketched seamless vector textile patterns to quickly fill fashion sketches with fabric prints. The Live Color feature in Adobe Illustrator allows fashion...

Easy Fashion Design Illustrator Rendering

Rendering fashion sketches with color has never been easier! Fashion designers who know how to use Adobe Illustrator are using Live Paint to create fashion CADs (rendered apparel flat sketches) in just a few...

Folder: Digital Fashion Design and Sketching

Definition: A digital fashion sketch is a flat sketch or fashion illustration created using computer software such as Adobe Illustrator. Digital fashion sketches have mostly replaced traditional hand-sketched fashion drawings in many fashion design companies for the ease with which they can be rendered, modified, copied, and reused.

“Adobe Illustrator teachers like myself found the ebook very helpful and the explanations very clear.”
Anne (Montreal, Canada)