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Animals Graphic Images: Elephant 042

Royalty free graphic art of a stylized elephant is downloadable in resolution PNG format with transparent background.

Clipart Graphics: Wings 017

Royalty Free Wings composition Fashion Graphics are downloadable as vector clip art in ai, svg and bitmap gif, png formats.

Graphic Images: People 018

'Citi Chicks' is a Royalty Free Group of Girls composition. Fashion Graphics are downloadable as high resolution PNG with transparency

Vector Stencil Clipart: Butterflies 011

Royalty Free Simple butterflies Fashion Graphics are downloadable as stencil clip art in ai, svg, gif, png formats.

Vector Stencil Clipart: Ornament 024

Fashion Graphics. Swirls Ornament Stencil Clipart royalty free download in ai, svg, gif, png formats.

Folder: Fashion Graphics

Definition: Fashion graphics refer to pictorial art used as a starting point for textile surface designs,  garment prints, embroideries, and appliqué. Apparel graphics have gained popularity with “graphic tees” and other graphic-driven apparel designs across all fashion design categories and price-points.

Royalty Free Fashion Graphics & Clip Art Downloads

Designing prints and embellishments for fashion apparel is a time consuming process. It’s not unusual in fashion trend reports, fashion sketchbooks, mood and presentation boards, to use graphics and clipart designs that representative of future artwork in order to show the fashion direction they are taking.

Designers Nexus fashion graphics & clip art library is representative of most commonly used graphic art categories in fashion design. Our royalty free clipart and graphics images can be used for fashion design portfolios, creative presentation boards or as part of actual fashion garment print, appliqué, or embroidery design. Some clipart and graphic designs are quite elaborate and can stand on their own and some meant to be used as elements to design around or add to an existing graphic artwork.

Our user friendly fashion graphics and clipart category page can display the entire artwork collection. Categories filters on top of the fashion graphics and clipart images can be used to sort fashion downloads by respective topics. As you click on subcategory the the images would load automatically to fill out the space with most recent downloads.

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