Fashion Graphics

Definition: Fashion graphics are artwork images used in apparel designs, textile designs, or in a fashion design presentation. Apparel graphics have gained popularity recently with “graphic tees” and other graphic-driven apparel designs across all fashion design categories and price-points.



Abstract & Geometric: Abstract graphics and geometric art is fashionable in apparel designs such as graphic tees and in textile design prints and fabrics. Download from our library of free abstract graphics & geometric clip art to use in your textile pattern design motifs and apparel designs.


Animals & Insects: Insect and animal graphics have been especially popular on graphic t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters in recent fashion trends. Animal graphics are also popular in fabric print repeats, especially in childrenswear. Download from our free collection of free vector animal graphics & insect clip art, like cats, leopards, birds, lions, zebras, dogs, giraffes, whales, sheep, frogs, elephants, butterflies, spiders, & more!


Flowers & Floral: Flowers and floral graphics and artwork have always been popular in fashion design, especially in textile design motifs. Free downloads include various flower vector graphics & floral clip art like roses, tulips, daisies, lilies, vines, and fruit and plant graphics like strawberries, apples, berries, branches, and other plants and floral graphics.


Heraldry Symbols & Tattoo Art: Tattoo graphics are used on everything from t-shirts and jeans, to footwear and accessories. Heraldic graphics (crests, coats of armor, etc.) have always been popular in fashion and are often combined with tattoo art or drawn using tattoo styling. Use our tattoo and heraldic vector graphics & clip art free downloads in your graphic apparel designs!


Holiday & Seasonal: Download free holiday clip art and seasonal vector graphics to use in textile design motifs, apparel graphics, and even DIY craft projects! High quality holiday clip art & vector graphics for Halloween, Thanksgiving clip art, Christmas graphics, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day & more! Seasonal graphics like seashells, leaves, seasonal sports & recreation and other misc. graphics.


Ornaments & Border Art: Download from our library of free vector ornaments and border clip art to use in your textile patterns and as fashion design embellishments. Vector ornaments and borders are often seen on garment hems, necklines, sleeve openings, pocket openings, scarves, etc.

Download free vector graphics & clip art commonly used for fashion design: apparel graphics, screen printing, embroidery, appliqué, textile design motifs, iron-ons & more. Our royalty-free graphics downloads are available as vector graphics (.ai) and high resolution clip art (PNG, Jpeg, or TIff formats) to use in apparel designs (like t-shirt graphics), textile design motifs, fashion design portfolio or presentation layouts. Our royalty-free vector graphics & clip art are also great for printable iron-on templates, stencils, or free printable clip-art for scrapbooking and other DIY projects & crafts.