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Learning the Lingo: Fashion Terms

When it's time for that big job interview, don't get thrown off-guard when an interviewer uses a fashion industry term you don't know. Make sure you're familiar with the common apparel industry terms listed...

Fashion Skills 101:

Important Skills that Fashion Schools Don’t Cover Nearly Enough How to Become a Fashion Designer ( Part 3 ) In fashion school, most of your time was spent learning how to hand draw fashion illustrations...

How to Spec a Garment: Basic Points of Measure for Apparel

In a few of our articles, we’ve mentioned that specs are measurements and details of a garment when lain flat. If you don’t know how to spec, and even if you think you do – you should become very comfortable...

Folder: Fashion Design Tutorials

Are you prepared with all the skills needed to succeed as a designer in the fashion industry? Learn how to measure garments, use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, and other must-have skills for fashion designers with our step by step training tutorials!

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