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In this section, we’ll review our favorite fashion industry books and products, dish out personal fashion career tips, give the low-down on how the apparel industry works, and let you know which skills are most important to really make it in the apparel industry. We’ve also included a links page to our favorite fashion industry resources, including talent agencies, career sites, fashion schools, fashion internships, independent fashion sites, fashion publications, and more!

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A full-circle skirt with narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Click for full definition with images. full article »

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Straight from New York’s Fashion Avenue, “E-Book Photo Draping” by Valerie Corr is an excellent guide to fashion draping from start to finish. Each lesson takes designers step by step through the industry standard process of draping several fundamental apparel designs: starting with a list of needed supplies, then showing how to prepare the muslin, […] full article »

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When it's time for that big job interview, don't get thrown off-guard when an interviewer uses a fashion industry term you don't know. Make sure you're familiar with the common apparel industry terms listed below. full article »

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Many fashion design students and entry-level apparel designers make the mistake of filling their fashion design portfolio with all of their favorite fashion illustrations, or photos of garments they've made, but that won't land you the job. Read full article to learn how to make a fashion design portfolio that is designed for success! full article »

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Ready-to-Wear Apparel Analysis (3rd Edition) By Patty Brown, Jane Rice RN CMA Product Description (from Taking a practical industry approach, this book provides fashion merchandisers with an understanding of the mass production process of ready-to-wear apparel, and the objective evaluation of its cost and quality. Coverage of practical issues and industry methods, along with the […] full article »