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So you want a career in fashion, but with so many different fashion careers to choose from, how will you know which path is right for you? Do you see yourself designing apparel for people to wear? Maybe you enjoy sewing and love making clothing that fits beautifully, or perhaps you’re always the first to try new fashion styles and set new fashion trends. Whatever your passion is, chances are, there’s a career in the fashion industry that’s a perfect fit for you!

Destined to Design

If you find yourself always drawing fashion design sketches and have an eye for style, you may want to look into a career as a fashion designer.  Fashion designers are responsible for designing apparel and accessories each season. They usually choose an area to specialize in such as apparel design (womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, sportswear, eveningwear design, intimate apparel design etc) or accessories design (footwear, handbags, jewelry, etc.). By checking out emerging new trends, apparel and fashion designers use what’s currently “hot” to design a line that will be sold in fashion stores.

Made for Tech Design

If you like sewing and make your own clothes, then Patternmaking or Technical Design could be the right fashion career for you. Fashion Patternmakers use their knowledge of fabrics and garment construction to turn apparel design sketches into actual-size clothing patterns that are used as template for sewing clothing. Technical designers are responsible for tech packs and conducting fit approvals to make sure garments fit correctly when worn.

The Trendsetting Fashion Merchandiser

Do you have a love for fashion, but don’t enjoy drawing fashion designs, or would rather start your own fashion business? The best way to learn the ins and outs of the apparel industry is by becoming a Fashion Merchandiser. Retail Merchandisers work for retail apparel stores and must spot fashion trends as they emerge. Based on past sales figures and the latest styles, they decide what apparel and accessories will be sold in stores. They may also be in charge of organizing and running fashion shows and other promotional activities.

Pizzazz for Production

Are you the type of person who enjoys taking a project from concept to realization? If so, then Product Development is right up your alley. As a product developer you’ll work together with fashion designers, technical designers, sales, and production teams to ensure the timely production of quality fashion apparel.

Style Sells

Are you the one who helps your friends decide which clothes to buy when you go shopping? A position in sales might be right for you. As an apparel salesperson, you’ll develop relationships with retail fashion buyers and present each season’s collection. And there’s an added bonus if you like to travel, since salespeople often attend fashion trade shows and visit buyers on their turf to sell a line.

Now that you have a better idea which fashion industry careers complement your talents and interests, you can learn more about the fashion career that fits you best. In our next article post we'll be taking a closer look into various apparel industry careers!


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