Fashion Graphics: Tattoo & Heraldic


Tattoo art has become a fashion design trend in apparel design in recent years. Tattoo graphics are used on everything from t-shirts and jeans, to footwear and accessories. Heraldic graphics (crests, coats of armor, etc.) have always been popular in fashion and are often combined with tattoo art or drawn using tattoo styling.


Use our tattoo and heraldic digital graphic artwork downloads in vector (.ai) and high resolution bitmap (tiff and jpeg) formats in your fashion designs. Assorted tattoo / heraldic art including wings, skulls, coats of armor, crests, roses, crosses, butterflies, dragons, snakes, angels, eagles, crowns, swords, scrolls, and more. Free vector graphics (.ai format) can be scaled without losing resolution (becoming pixelated) using a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator.

V16 Free Heraldry Symbol Graphic Eagle Clip Art
V15 Free Graphic Angel Wings Tattoo Clip Art
V14 Free Dragon Graphic Download Tattoo Clip Art
V13 Free Vector Graphic Rose Skull Clip Art
V12 Free Vector Heraldry Symbol Unicorn Crown Clip Art
V11 Free Vines & Thorns Vector Tattoo Clip Art
V10 Free Wings Vector Graphic Clip Art
V9 Free Vector Graphic Skulls & Flowers Tattoo Clip Art
Free Vector Graphic V12 Heraldic Crest with Scroll Banner, Olive Branches and Crown
Free Vector Graphic Jester Mask Stencil V7
Free Vector Botonee Cross Graphic V6 Tattoo Art
Free Vector Graphic V5 Fleur-de-lis Cluster Tattoo Art
Vector Graphic for Fashion V4 Symbolic Scroll Tattoo Design
Fashion Vector Art V3 Heraldic Crown Graphic
Fashion Design Vector Graphic V2 Heraldic Cross with Scroll Details
Fashion Graphics V1 Tattoo Embellished Fleur-de-Lis Design