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“E-Book Photo Draping” by Valerie Corr

Straight from New York’s Fashion Avenue, “E-Book Photo Draping” by Valerie Corr is an excellent guide to fashion draping from start to finish. Each lesson takes designers step by step through the industry standard process of draping several fundamental apparel designs: starting with a list of needed supplies, then showing how to prepare the muslin, drape the design, true the shape, and transfer the final design to pattern paper.

The refreshing and most helpful thing about this e-book is that every single step is demonstrated with a photo of the action being performed. The real life photos are much easier to follow along with than drawings or illustrations seen in most draping books. Each image is also accompanied by a text description, so there’s absolutely no guessing – you can just spend more time draping! And since everything is broken down into easy to manage steps, it takes the intimidation out of draping, and shows how fun and creative it can be! Whether you’re a fashion student who is a complete beginner to draping, or a professional fashion designer looking for a refresher or reference guide, “E-Book Photo Draping” is the answer!

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