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Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (02/24) New File, Save File

IN THIS VIDEO, learn how to
– Create and save new documents
– Image resolution and file size explained

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0:07 In this segment I’m going to show you how to create and save your documents.
0:12 Let’s start with creating a new document.
0:15 Go to File > New
0:18 In the New document option window you can name your file,
0:26 choose from a number of presets offered by Adobe Photoshop
0:30 I’ll go for the U.S. Paper.
0:32 The presets could be customized and saved for future use.
0:38 The size refers to the paper size. You can choose between Letter, Legal and Tabloid.
0:43 Whenever I change the paper size, the width and height of my document is changed.
0:49 In addition to width and height, you can change the unit of measurement.
0:54 Pixels, if you’re working on the web graphics or centimeters if you live in Europe.
0:59 You can also change the resolution of your document.
1:03 In general, computer screens work in either 72 or 96 pixels per inch.
1:08 So 300 resolution won’t really show on your screen.
1:12 However it is very important for the final output, like printing your document.
1:17 As a rule of thumb, the higher the resolution, the better the quality of your print.
1:22 However 300, I believe, is a little bit too high. In addition, it creates a really large file size.
1:28 You can see here: Image Size 24.1 megabytes.
1:33 In general, the fashion industry works in documents with 200 pixels per inch resolution.
1:39 You can see that the file size got smaller.
1:42 But from my experience, the difference in the output between 150 pixels per inch
1:47 and 200 pixels per inch is not that big.
1:52 However, the file size is much smaller which saves you memory and disk space.
1:57 I’m going to keep it at 150 pixels per inch.
2:01 Below the resolution is the Color Mode.
2:03 We talked about Color Modes when we explored the menubar
2:07 and I advised to make sure that your new documents come in RGB color mode
2:13 and 8 bit channels.
2:16 And finally Background.
2:19 My personal preference is Transparent.
2:22 It gives me much more flexibility.
2:26 Now that I’m happy with all the presets and I know that I’m going to use this a lot in the future,
2:31 I’m going to save it.
2:33 I’m going to keep all these options checked
2:36 and I will name it…
2:38 “My Practical Skills set” and click “OK”.
2:43 The next time I would want to use my preset, I will go to Presets and I will find it listed
2:48 in the Custom options.
2:51 It is strongly recommended to save your files frequently. Computers have a tendency to crash.
2:57 And if you don’t develop a good habit saving files,
3:01 you will have a very devastating experience by losing hours of work.
3:06 So, I already named my file when I opened it.
3:10 I’m going to explore where I want to save my document
3:15 I will keep the Photoshop format
3:17 to preserve transparency and layers
3:20 and click “Save”.
3:23 Maximize compatibility… click “OK”
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