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Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (05/24) Tools – Move, Select, Crop

IN THIS VIDEO, learn how to
– Use different selection tools
– Add to and subtract from the selection
– Change artwork layout, duplicate, move and copy layers with the Move tool
– Rearrange image elements using selections
– Copy whole or parts of the image to a different document
– Techniques used to collage presentation boards
– Use tolerance, anti-alias, and contiguous options

0:11 Move Tool
2:21 Selection Tools
3:12 Rectangular Marquee Tool
3:52 Tools Option Bar
4:20 Add and Subtract Selection
4:39 Tool styles (ratios)
5:39 Lasso Tool
5:56 Polygon Lasso Tool
7:10 Magnetic Lasso Tool
8:39 Quick Selection Tool
9:25 Magic Wand
10:38 Crop Tool

PRACTICE FILES DOWNLOAD – Download the exercise files to follow along


0:07  Let’s begin to explore tool palettes from top to bottom.
0:11  The first one is the Move tool.
0:14  The Move tool allows you to move layers and selected areas.
0:19  To move a layer, first of all,
0:21  make sure that that layer is active in the Layers palette.
0:24  To activate the layer simply click on it.
0:27  It will get highlighted indicating that the layer is active.
0:32  Then click on the layer and drag it to the desired location.
0:38  To move a selection, once again, make sure
0:41  that the layer where you want to select the area is active,
0:45  make a selection,
0:48  go back to Move tool,
0:50  click and drag to the desired location.
0:54  In addition to moving layers and selected areas around,
0:58  Move tool is also used to copy, like your selected areas.
1:03  Make sure layer’s active, you have your selection,
1:07  hold Option [ALT] key, click and drag to the desired location.
1:12  To duplicate a layer,
1:14  once again, make sure that that layer’s active,
1:18  hold Option key [ALT key in Windows]
1:22  click and duplicate.
1:26  You can see that in the Layers palette I have three layers now:
1:30  “Layer 0”, “Layer 0 copy” and my text layer.
1:34  Let’s delete the newly created one.
1:38  In addition to copying selected areas and layers within one document
1:44  you can use Move tool to copy things into a new document.
1:48  To copy a layer into a new document,
1:51  click on the layer
1:52  and drag it into the new document.
1:58  To copy a selection,
2:02  select the area,
2:04  go back to Move tool,
2:07  click and drag into the new document.
2:10  You can see that no change has happened in my original document
2:15  and all new copies in the new document showed up as new layers.
2:22  Below the Move tool are a number of selection tools.
2:25  Selection tools are very important in Adobe Photoshop.
2:29  You will use them for basic actions like Cut, Copy and Clear,
2:36  to fill the parts of your document with patterns or color,
2:42  and do any kind of editing to a part of your document
2:46  without affecting the rest of your artwork.
2:53  In addition, you will use selections to transform parts of your layer
3:05  and separate elements of your artwork into different layers.
3:12  The first set of selections are Marquee tools.
3:16  Rectangular Marquee is the most popular one.
3:19  I use it to create stripes and plaids,
3:21  to define specific repeats,
3:23  and define patterns from a part of my image.
3:28  To use Rectangular Marquee tool,
3:30  simply click and drag around the area you want to select.
3:37  To create a square,
3:39  click, hold Shift key and drag around the area you want to select.
3:44  You can also move your selection by rolling the cursor over to the selected area,
3:50  click and drag to the desired location.
3:53  All the tools in the tool palette have their own options
3:57  conveniently displayed in the option bar.
4:00  For example, all the selection tools have a number of commands
4:04  like “New Selection”
4:06  that simply allows you to create a new selection,
4:10  “Add to Selection”,
4:15  and “Subtract from Selection”.
4:21  You can also add and subtract from the selection using your keyboard.
4:25  Hold Shift key to add to the selection
4:33  and hold Option key [ALT Windows] to subtract.
4:39  Marquee tools have their own styles.
4:42  We worked in Normal style,
4:44  but you can also choose Fixed Ratio.
4:48  Right now it’s 1:1
4:50  so any selection I create
4:52  will be a perfect square.
4:56  I can set my own ratios, for example Golden Ratio.
5:03  So any selections that I’m going to create now, no matter where I drag my cursor,
5:09  will maintain these perfect proportions.
5:14  And the final one is Fixed Size.
5:16  For example, I want all my selections to be 3 x 5 inches.
5:27  Now, all I have to do is to click on my document
5:31  and a fixed size selection will show up.
5:35  And don’t forget to go back to Normal style.
5:39  The next set is Lasso tools.
5:42  Lasso tool allows you to create a freehand selection of an image.
5:47  To make a selection, click and drag the mouse around the desired area
5:52  and release to complete the selection.
5:57  Polygonal Lasso tool creates polygon shaped selections.
6:01  It works by setting anchor points and connecting them with a straight line.
6:08  I prefer the Polygon tool because it allows me to create precise selections.
6:15  Click and release the mouse in the area you want to start the selection.
6:20  Click again to set the second anchor point
6:23  and continue along the lines
6:27  by clicking and releasing the mouse.
6:29  You can see that Photoshop creates the straight lines to connect your anchor points.
6:45  To finish the selection, make sure you close it.
6:48  Roll your cursor over to the starting point and when the circle shows up near your cursor
6:53  that means the selection is ready to be closed.
6:56  Click and release to close the selection.
7:05  Make sure the correct layer is selected.
7:11  Magnetic Lasso tool works by recognizing colors and contrast.
7:15  It creates selections by snapping to points around the edges of the area being traced.
7:20  To use it, click and release the mouse to start the selection.
7:25  Then move your cursor around the desired area.
7:30  Lasso will automatically snap in places along the way
7:34  creating anchor points as you trace.
7:37  Click and release to set your own anchor points,
7:40  just like with Polygon Lasso.
7:59  And click and release to close the selection.
8:06  Let’s subtract this little purple area.
8:09  Holding Option [ALT] key, start the process again:
8:13  click and release to start the selection,
8:25  click and release to close.
8:34  So far, we’ve covered the tools that create selections based on shapes.
8:39  There are other options to create selections.
8:42  For example, Quick Selection tool.
8:44  It allows you to create a selection by painting the desired area
8:48  using an adjustable round tip brush.
8:56  To use this tool, click and drag over the area you want to paint with your selection.
9:02  If you release the mouse,
9:03  the tool will go into “Add to the Selection” mode
9:07  That will allow you seamlessly to paint with your selection.
9:17  And you can always go to “Subtract from the Selection” mode
9:21  to delete undesired selected areas.
9:25  And the final option allows you to create a selection based on color.
9:30  Magic Wand selects areas of similar hues, saturation and lightness,
9:36  tolerance of which can be adjusted in the option bar.
9:39  The smaller the tolerance,
9:41 the fewer of similar colors will be selected.
9:45  The larger the tolerance,
9:47  the more of similar color will be selected.
9:51  Hold Shift key to add to the selection
9:55  and Option [ALT] key to subtract.
9:58  You can also go to Select > Similar
10:02  to select similar colors through the entire layer.
10:06  Fashion designers use Magic Wand tool a lot.
10:09  Let’s go back to the option bar and explore additional settings.
10:14  Anti-alias is responsible for creating the selection smoother
10:18  by grabbing neighboring pixels.
10:20  However, if you want your selection to be precise, you should leave this option unchecked.
10:26  Contiguous is a very powerful option.
10:29  It allows you to select the color only in the neighboring area
10:34  or if left unchecked, it will select similar color through the entire layer.
10:39  Right below the selection tools is the Crop tool
10:42  and it does just that: it crops your document.
10:46  Click and drag around the area you want to preserve.
10:51  Roll cursor over to the selection to move it.
10:56  You can change the selection by dragging the sides and corners
11:04  and hold Shift key to preserve the ratio.
11:10  Go back to the Crop tool and click on it whenever you’re ready to apply your changes.
11:16  Click “Crop” if you want to apply the changes,
11:19  “Cancel” to go back and to make more changes,
11:22  or “Don’t Crop” to go back to your original image.



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