Fabric Patterns


Definition: A fabric pattern is a digital seamless repeat of a textile design. In the apparel industry, fabric patterns are used to add textile swatches to fashion design presentations and fashion portfolios to show the intended fabric design of a style. Seamless patterns are also created when a custom fabric pattern is designed to order, and to show additional textile colorways. Fabric patterns are also used to fill clothing flat sketches with fabrics in a CAD fashion presentations and fashion design portfolios to show how the finished garment will look.

Free Seamless Fabric Patterns & Fabric Texture for Photoshop & Illustrator

Download our free seamless patterns: free fabric textures & fabric patterns of seamless print pattern, plaids, stripes, knits, weaves, and other fabric textures to use in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop when rendering CADs & fashion illustration sketches. Our collection of free fabric patterns & seamless fabric texture designs includes Illustrator fabric pattern vector designs and seamless Photoshop patterns for easy recoloring. Quickly fill fashion flat sketches and fashion drawings, CADs, and fashion design portfolio pages with fabrics using these free downloads of fabric textures & patterns.  (updated weekly please follow us on FB or Twitter)

Digital Textile Swatch V23 Free Seamless Plaid Pattern
V21 Seamless Sweater texture Rib Knit Texture
V37 Seamless Clover Leaf Print Fabric Pattern
V36 Star Print Free Seamless Fabric Pattern Tiles
V12 free Seamless Vertical Stripes Pattern
Free Download V50 Seamless Floral Border Print Fabric Pattern
Free Fabric Patterns V10 Variegated Stripe Pattern Seamless
Floral Medallion Leaf Fabric Pattern V39 Seamless Photoshop Pattern
V11 Wide Stripe Textile Design Pattern Swatch
Blue Camo V34 Free Seamless Digital Camo Pattern
V22 Yarn-Dye Seamless Plaid Pattern Free
V20 Photoshop & Illustrator Sweater Swatch Knit Stitch
Illustrator & Photoshop Fabric Texture V25 Seamless Basket Weave Texture
Apple Print V33 Free Fabric Pattern Photoshop
V21 Brown Colorway Seamless Digital Plaid Pattern
V32 Dot Border Print Seamless Fabric Pattern Photoshop
V31 Geo Floral Print Seamless Digital Patterns
V19 Knit Purl Stitch Free Knit Fabric Texture
V20 Yarn-Dye Plaid Seamless Plaid Pattern
V9 Engineered Stripe Textile Design Free Seamless Pattern