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Fabric Patterns: Surface Design Print 070

fashion pattern swatch 070 preview

Surface Design, Seamless Fabric Pattern Floral Print 070

Surface Design Categories: Fashion Textiles, Fabric Patterns, Stylized Flowers, Floral Print, two color combo

Fabric Pattern Print description: Brick red Aster flowers on a white background, Stylized Floral motif set in engineered one direction, border layout.

Surface Design Floral Print 070 download description: seamless pattern repeat for digital fashion drawings rendering, downloadable in high resolution PNG format.

Surface Designs Downloads Instructions & Terms of Use

Disclaimer: ‘Fabric Patterns Surface Design Print 070  is a digital recreation of an actual textile fabric pattern. The original design can be subject to copyrights and is not suitable for commercial mass production AS IS. The original design can be used as an inspiration and must be changed greater than 25%.

To download ‘fashion pattern swatch 070’ file in high resolution png without watermarks  click on the ‘PNG’ download link.

NOTE:  ‘Fabric Pattern Surface Design 070’ downloads can be used as templates for commercial and personal projects. As per TOU it can not be resold, redistributed, republished AS IS, digital or in print. Watermarked image can be digitally shared as reference with proper credits and link to the original source download page.

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