Print Pattern


Definition: A fabric pattern, also called a "print" is a type of textile design, which consists of recurring design elements (motif) that are arranged in a repeating order to create a seamless fabric pattern textile design.


Download free swatches of fabric patterns to render your flat fashion sketches and fashion illustrations for fashion design portfolios & presentations. Full seamless pattern repeats are given for each fabric pattern design and various textile colorways are given for some seamless print patterns. Our fabric pattern prints include many floral pattern vector swatches, and other fabric print illustrator patterns, as well as seamless photoshop pattern free downloads.

Fabric Patterns: Surface Design Print 027
Fabric Patterns: Print Design 025
V71 Swirling Pindots Free Fabric Pattern
V70 Safari Leaf Jungle Print Seamless Pattern
V65 Free Seamless Floral Print Pattern
V41 Chain Link Print Free Seamless Fabric Pattern
V59 Free Black & White Butterfly Seamless Pattern
V60 Handwriting Print Free Seamless Fabric Pattern
V49 Seamless Floral Border Print Free Digital Pattern
Floral Newspaper Print V40 Free Seamless Fabric Pattern
V47 Green Medallion Print Seamless Free Fabric Pattern
V62 Free Seamless Floral Pattern for Photoshop
V35 Digital Floral Print Fabric Seamless Digital Pattern
V37 Seamless Clover Leaf Print Fabric Pattern
V36 Star Print Free Seamless Fabric Pattern Tiles
Free Download V50 Seamless Floral Border Print Fabric Pattern
Floral Medallion Leaf Fabric Pattern V39 Seamless Photoshop Pattern
Blue Camo V34 Free Seamless Digital Camo Pattern
Apple Print V33 Free Fabric Pattern Photoshop
V32 Dot Border Print Seamless Fabric Pattern Photoshop