Fashion Drawings


Definition: A Fashion Drawing is a picture illustrating an apparel or accessory design, made using pencil, markers, pens, ink, crayons, sometimes watercolor, or basically any medium, except paint. Fashion drawing is the most popular way of illustrating fashion designs in the initial stage of design development. 

FREE Fashion Drawings: Fashion Design Drawing 

Download from our free library of freehand & digital fashion drawings as inspiration & fashion drawing templates for form, shading, drapery folds, ruffles, gathers, pleats, & how to draw fashion sketches and accurately represent fabrics & other design details for your own fashion illustrations. Technically CADs (computer rendered flat fashion sketches) can be considered fashion drawings. However just like flats, they are very important in the fashion industry and deserve their own category.

V36 Computer Rendered Fashion Drawing Examples
Fashion Design Presentation V35 Digital Fashion Illustrations
Digital Fashion Design Portfolio V34 Fashion Design Drawing
V33 Digital Fashion Illustration Fashion Figure Drawing
V1 Digital Fashion Illustration Drawing
Rendered Digital Fashion Sketch Illustration V2
Front & Back View V3 Portfolio Fashion Drawing
3 Female Figure Digital Fashion Drawing Example V6
V15 Front & Back View Digital Fashion Illustration
V16 Computer Rendered Fashion Illustration
Illustrator Fashion Drawing for Fashion Portfolio V17
V18 3-Figure Portfolio Example: Fashion Illustration
V24 Glam Look Digital Fashion Illustration Drawing
V26 Digital Fashion Drawing Illustration
Three Figures V7 Fashion Illustration Sample
V25 Digital Fashion Drawing Example
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