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V18 Red Hues Textile Color Palette Inspiration

Color palette inspiration can be used to inspire textile designs, colorways, clothing color combinations, and any other design project where a color theme is needed!

V15 Warm & Cold Contrast Textile Color Combination

Download this free color palette inspiration of warm /  cool contrast colors for your color theme!
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Folder: Colorways/Combos

Definition: Fashion color combinations, also called colorways, are a variety of seasonal color choices of solid fabrics or color variations of a textile pattern available for each garment style in a given season.

Fashion Colorways, Color Combos, & Color Palettes.

Get inspired with pre-selected color combinations for clothes, colorways for textile design, and seasonal fashion color palettes for collection and fashion portfolio inspiration. We’ve grouped together fashion colors that look great together, saving tons of time and hassle messing with swatches and color cards! To make things even easier, use with our Printable RGB Color Palette to choose colors accurately before printing your artwork.

“I am a teacher at a fashion school. I would like to recommend Illustrator Advanced as a reference for my class.”
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