Definition: Fashion color combinations, also called colorways, are a variety of seasonal color choices of solid fabrics or color variations of a textile pattern available for each garment style in a given season.


Get inspired with pre-selected color combinations for clothes, colorways for textile design, and seasonal fashion color palettes for collection and fashion portfolio inspiration. We’ve grouped together fashion colors that look great together, saving tons of time and hassle messing with swatches and color cards! To make things even easier, use with our Printable RGB Color Palette to choose colors accurately before printing your artwork.

V18 Red Hues Textile Color Palette Inspiration
V16 Purple Yellow Fashion Color Combos
V15 Warm & Cold Contrast Textile Color Combination
V13 Warm Dusty Hues Blue Accent Color Palette Ideas
V19 Spring Purple Fashion Color Palette Inspiration Ideas
V20 Spring Brights Fashion Season Color Palette Inspiration
V14 Blue Hues Color Palette Inspiration
Denim Friendly Mid-tones Color Combo
Purple Blues Fall Palette Colors
Fall Green With Red Accents V2
Blues And Neutrals Fall Color Combo V3
Browns Green Accents Fall Color Combo V1
Octoberfest Early Fall Color Palette V3
Early Fall 9 colors palette V1
Early Fall Color 6 Colors Combo V2
Fashion and Textile Design Color-way V4 Cold – Warm Contrast Color Combination
Apparel and Textile Design Color Combinations V3 Spring Blues
Color Combination V2 Fun Warm Brights
Fashion and Textile Color Palette for Easy Color-Blocking V4