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  • Love. LOVE! I love this sketch library!!!! Please do more, more, more!!!! Please do swim and intimate apparel, that is my industry. Also, I would love to see more lifelike croquis for showing to buyers.

  • I just wanted to say THANKS for all the great free resources you provide on here. This is a very useful site!

  • I was looking for a psp belt brush and I found this super fantastic sight, its going to help me bring my second life clothing to life, thank you so much for all the sketches you have painstakingly created and shared with the fashion world. They are amazing, I was spoiled for choice so I will be back for more.

  • Ah! Wasn’t this the site i had been looking for since like a million years! I simply Love this idea of giving all the designers to showcase their work! 🙂

  • I ordered the Illustrator brushes over a year ago, and it was one of the most time saving files I have. Designersnexus is the most user friendly, and professional site for all fashion designers, students, and anyone in fashion! The customer service is superb, supremely fast, and everyone here is so helpful.Thank you liz

  • Great site! After a six year hiatus from the fashion and textile industry I was looking for some tools to update my portfolio. You guys are a great resource!

  • This website had been so useful for me… I love all the information posted and is great to have free access to all of it! <3

  • omg this website has thought of every thing fashion no other website is like this im coming here from now on you guys have every thing, congrats

  • this website has been helping me alot with my designs ive been designing for a while but ive never been good at the drawing the models so ever since ive started using this website ive been inspired and inspirational.

  • I just so happened to stumble across this wonderful website. I found thus far the best, and most helpful, of many listed Fashion sites. I’m in another country right now without my handy resources, I couldn’t be more thankful for this site. Blast of Love! Thx

  • i have been into designing for a good couple of years, but i’m not the best drawer, your croquis really helped me out, thanx a bunch!!! p.s i LOVE ur site

  • woowwwww,so cool designs help me in desingning..also.thanks for making this website.i like so much that side tooooo.and please publish a more information about designing…because i m also in this field so thank you so much……

  • Finally, I have found a wonderful site with flat sketches.. u r doing a great job… I just love it..

  • i love this website..// it rocks ..// it has really help in whatever i needed….// your website is best for all upcoming designers …// thank you …///

  • I absolutely LOVE this website. I’ve used it for many resources that I have needed. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website!

  • thank you so much for this site. i have trouble with drawing people so this really helped me out. i havent found anything as good as this site yet and doubt i ever will. thank you!

  • This is a great site. I feel like before coming here I was a kid and now I’ve grown up to be the professional.

  • lol i am only 11 but i luv this web site !!i am so greatful i have found this site cuz i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up. 😀 i go on this web every day and always draw designes i am soo happy that i found it aahhh.

  • WOW! This is my new favourite website! can’t believe how lucky i am to have stumbbled on a page this cool! Wish i had this when i was studying would have made my life a dream 🙂 Thanx so much for all the free downloads. Helps me alot more than u can imagine 🙂

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“You gave me so much more freedom to design because I do not have to draw all the stitches by hand now.”
Helene (Amsterdam, Holland)

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“I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!”
Shellie (Las Vegas, NV)