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  • Your site has been my lifesaver. Recently I was forced to learn illustrator for survival. I have been in the industry for 29 years and after loosing my job, found I was a dinosaur when it came to the computer. Your books, and templates have not only helped me master the program; but have taken painful hours out of my day. Thanks to your brushes, accessories and new fashion templates, I can tackle anything in workable time frame. keep the product coming!Thank you

  • hi im a fashion and management student and I need to do alot of drawing even tough I did not sign up for it like the design students these croquis really help with my designs and how to draw certain details you guys rock!

  • Your site is really fantastic I recommend it to everybody.As a freelance fashion designer all your croquis help me soooo much. I Thank You

  • Designersnexus is the one stop shop for all basic info on the fashion world. I check it as much as i can whenever i can. i love you designersnexus!

  • I’m an aspiring designer . Whenever I would sketch , I would be curious to how the outfit would look on a model. My mom and sister would compliment my designs but they would ask why I didn’t draw a body. I would try but they never turned out right. With the templates on this website, my designs have come alive and the variety of poses help get my vision across . Thanks so much , 🙂

  • Your web is a great platform for fashion students and professionals both at various levels to take benefit and explore fashion industry further. Thank you so much for the material you have on here and best of luck f or 2011.. keep it up.HS

  • ITS REALLY AMAZING… I JUST LOVE IT. so much of information ..I have hobby and interest in paintings , desiging , ..I hv completed my fashion designing n working as fashion designer cum merchandiser…I dream to b a fashion designer with my construct design on Paris Fashion Show……..

  • Hello WOW! This is a great website. I just came across it this afternoon. I’m very impressed with it. It is good for us qualified designers/teachers as well as the students. And I will certainly be telling my designer friends about your website: well done Nexus!

  • this is one site which has content about fashion from a to z ,very much helpful, making fashion works much more easier n i liked the sketches section,keep up the good work

  • This website is an amazing source. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’m a young Fashion Designer, can’t wait to get far with this!

  • I love this website! I have wanted to become a fasion designer since I was like 6. I just got re into it a couple of days ago and this website has been a great help! I love the female fashion figures!Thank you again!

  • Thanks to DesignersNexus!!!! I’m an independent fashion designer, your free download croquis helps me so much in my projects! Keep it up!

  • thanks for sharing good design sketches and more details. this site has helped me so much in design skills and time consuming. i want to see more flat sketches on kids wear garments. help me with this….thank u !

  • The newest addition, fashion sketches set, has SAVED MY LIFE! It has everything I need. If I need to change something, it is easy to do so. This has taken HOURS off of my drawing and filling time. Thank you, DesignersNexus!!!!!!!

  • Hello,i really like your site. I will definently pass my assignments with these awesome croquis =D

  • thank you so much for doing this site, it’s a great help. I am still learning to draw proper croquis to draw my designs on and i’m glad i found this. definitely a great help 🙂

  • i can learn new design tricks and how to sketch.i have just started and want to be a designer in fashion and this sight helped me a lot. THANK YOU.I AM IMPRESSED.

  • This site was like finding a goldmine. I could never thank you enough for putting so much work into creating a website that actually provides true value to people. Your website is clean, organized, and user-friendly with articles that offer genuine & useful industry advice. You can tell that you guys are authentic and knowledgeable, (which is a rare thing to find online), because you know how to build trust between you and your customers. Your ebooks for Photoshop, Illustrator, & Excel are also PERFECTLY written–and they have given me the chance to build a solid understanding of CAD for fashion design before even attending my first class at FIT. Each ebook feels like you’re taking an introductory class, so the value that you get for your money is unbelievable. The tech pack templates should also prove to be *extremely* helpful as I move into a career in design & product development. Thanks again– and I hope to buy all of your products in the future! 🙂

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“Thank you so much for the free Illustrator Brushes update... it's truly appreciated”
Maria (Reston, VA)

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“I appreciate all your help and I think your e-books are fantastic... well done... a very good job...”
Joanne (Paris, France)