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  • This website has been very helpful in providing basic outlines. The figure drawing templates are varied in pose and style. I am not a fashion student – just enjoying sketching my designs for fun – and I find the range of templates very useful. Thank you for creating this site!

  • Hi Designersnexus. i do think ur website is truly a triumph, although i have one bitter complaint. i am a young men’s fashion designer, and am upset that i didnt find any men’s clothes flats, such as military style blazers, trentch coats etc.

  • thank you so much for this site. i have trouble with drawing people so this really helped me out. i havent found anything as good as this site yet and doubt i ever will. thank you!

  • Designers Nexus is every beginners dream come true! It has really helped me improve my drawing of the human figure from a fashionistic point of view and at the same time helps all the fashions i design look better….Designers Nexus is definitely a stepping stone in my future as a Top Fashion Designer :))))))ThAnK YoU DeSiGnErS NeXuS

  • Thanks so much for very good website , i am very glad that i see This site , This site help me so much for idea and technique for do sketch Thanks so much

  • I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. I had to reformat my computer and lost my Illustrator brushes. I emailed customer service and in less than a half hour they responded and took care of my problem. Most companies wouldn’t help with that issue at all. I am very pleased and impressed. Thank you!!

  • My creative writing teacher told me to do character sketches to prevent writer’s block, so since I am writing a historical fiction novel, I decided to sketch my characters’ outfits to capture their personality and describing their clothes is my weakness. This site helps me with the models and then I go on from there. Thanks ^_^

  • i was introduced to the site by my facilitator and it does help alot with my sketches at school.

  • i love this website very much.this website help me ver much when i didnt have any ideas. this website can post more kid wear illustration because kid wear fashion sketches is hard to find.thank you very fashion,love this website

  • Seriously i love this website, Its very useful 4 me.Thank u so much. And if any new collections of kids, can u inform me?.. it will be very useful. Its my pleasure to enter this website Thank u so much

  • this is one of best websites with complete information about fashion industry (also aspiring fashion designers)

  • This website is a fantastic website that covers everything in the Fashion Industry. It is very interesting and is packed with very useful information.

  • Your site is the BEST ! I love the croquis , and the sketch’s are amazing . Keep up the good work ! , I’ll be sure to credit you When i start my .

  • This site is AMAZING!!! These resources helped me to begin sketching and helped me to learn more about fashion design. Thanks for everything!!!

  • I so love the new website! I was surprised to see it when the page opened. GREAT WORK!!! I love it!!! 😀

  • I’m really glad that i discover this site.This would help me in my studies..i like it soooo much=D ty

  • This website is so much help to me when I’m trying to think of ideas. This is my favorite fashion website. THANK YOU!!!

  • I LOVE THIS SITE! This site is amazing. I’m a fashion student and I am always looking for inspiration and help with design ideas and time management. This site has helped me so much. Thank you!

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“I've pretty much been living off of your brushes! Your website has been a great resource and I thank you!”
Ian (New York, NY)

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“i'm very glad to come across this site. i hope to get access to your website forever.”
Rujid (Mauritius)