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  • jacket [jak-it]


  1. An outer garment, usually shorter than hip length, with sleeves and typically front-opening. Usually more lightweight than a coat; jackets aredesigned to be worn over other clothing, either indoors or outdoors. Lengths vary from above the waist to hip-length. 
  2. Part of a suit, which covers upper part of the body and is usually worn over a shirt, blouse, or camisole; a suit jacket.

HISTORY: Evolved from Jerkin, a garment worn by men in England and France during the 15th through 17th century. 18th-c.: Worn by laborers, apprentices, country people etc., became associated with lower social class. Mid-19th-c.: Accepted by gentlemen as replacement for suit coat. 20th-c.: Variety of styles for casual and formal wear popularized for men, women, and children.

Related Terms: coat, parka, raincoat, slicker, tails, trench, windbreaker


Source: Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion p.303,, New Oxford American Dictionary 

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