Knits & Sweater Sketches

Illustrator Fashion Templates: Free Knits & Sweater Flat Sketches

Definition: Knitwear refers to knitted garments or clothing made of knit fabrics. Knits refer to garments sewn from knit fabrics (like the popular jersey fabric) and include common apparel like t-shirts, yoga pants, hoodies, and sweatshirts. "Sweater" is a collective term for garments knitted (by hand or machine) in cable, rib, or lacy patterns, and usually refers to a garment worn on the torso such as a pullover sweater or cardigan, but is also used for other knitted garments like sweater dresses.  Since knitted fabrics usually have an elasticity (ability to stretch and recover their original shape) knits and sweaters fit the body well without the need for darts, seams, gores, and other tailoring methods required in woven garments.


This collection of free flat sketches includes front & back view fashion technical drawing templates for knitwear & sweaters designs. Various current and classic fashion styles like t-shirt templates, tank tops, knit tunics, sweater vests, hoodies, etc are included in this free style library of fashion flat sketches. These free fashion technical drawing templates can be downloaded as Adobe Illustrator (.ai) vector flat sketch templates or printable bitmap (PNG) technical flats templates for design inspiration, fashion technical drawing reference, etc.

V17 Knit Tank Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Drawing Template
V16 Hi-Lo Tank Free Illustrator Knit Fashion Flat Sketch Template
V15 Knitwear Tank Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Drawing Template
V14 Knit Tunic T-Shirt Template Free Flat Drawing
V12 Vector Sweater Sketch Free Illustrator Fashion Technical Flats
V11 Free Vector T-Shirt Template Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing
V10 Knits Hoodie Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch Template
V9 Knit Tank Top Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch Templates
V8 Knit T-Shirt Tunic Template Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch
V7 Ladies Sweater Vest Free Illustrator Flat Sketch Template
V6 Racerback Tank Knit Fashion Flat Sketch Templates
V5 Knit Leggings Free Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing Template
V4 Knit Flats Track Shorts Free Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing Template
V3 Knit Hoodie Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing
V2 Free Blank T-Shirt Design Template Vector Flat Sketch
V1 Fitted Free Vector T-Shirt Design Template Sketch
Jacket Flat Sketch V1 of Zip Front Hoodie with Back Smocking Detail, Tall Rib Cuffs and Side Panels.