Fashion Sketches


Definition: Fashion Sketches are rough, unfinished drawings of clothing sketches, fashion figures sketches, or fashion models wearing apparel designs, and are used as a fast way of getting design ideas on paper. A fashion sketch may just remain a scribble in a fashion sketchbook, or it may eventually lead to a polished fashion drawing. The designer might also choose to use a sketch for fashion illustration by including it in a fashion design portfolio or presentation board.

Fashion Sketches: Free Downloads Fashion Design Sketches

We've created this gallery of free fashion sketches to provide designers with some examples of fashion design sketches to help differentiate a fashion sketch from a fashion drawing. Our free downloads of fashion sketches show the initial stage of fashion design drawing, but they can also serve as a fashion sketch template to demonstrate different drawing styles and as a reference for how to draw fashion sketches and clothing sketches..

Fashion Sketch: Drawing/Illustration 066
Fashion Sketch: Drawing Illustration 065
Fashion Sketch: Drawing Illustration 064
Fashion Sketch: Drawing Illustration 063
Fashion Sketches: Drawing-Illustration 062
Fashion Sketches: Drawing-Illustration 061
Freehand Fashion Figure Model Drawing V8
Fashion Drawing V3 Female Figure Fashion Sketch Front
Fashion Sketch V2 Single Female Figure Drawing Front
Fashion Sketch V1 Single Female Figure Drawing Back View
Freehand Fashion Sketches V20 Figure Drawings
Fashion Illustration Figure V19 Fashion Sketch
V18 Freehand Fashion Figure Sketch
Hand Sketched Fashion Figure Drawing V17
Freehand Fashion Figure V16 Study Drawing
V15 By-Hand Fashion Drawing Sketch
Freehand Fashion Drawing V14 Figure Sketch
Freehand Fashion Sketch V13 Figure Drawing
Freehand Fashion Drawings V12 Apparel “Floats” Sketches