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At Designers Nexus, we are here to help make the design process as “seamless” as possible for fashion designers (we couldn’t resist the pun!). We created to be a central resource for free fashion design templates, fashion illustration, portfolio, & presentation examples, and fashion designer information. All of our free fashion design templates and industry resources are here to save you time, make things easier, teach, and inspire. We love being able to share our knowledge and experience with other fashion designers and hope to make being a fashion designer a little bit easier, because we know it’s not always as glamorous as it sounds!


4-13-14: NEW SECTION! Introducing Knits & Sweater Sketches to our Free Fashion Flat Sketches section! Check out the free knitwear sketches just added!

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V49 Seamless Floral Border Print Free Digital Pattern

V49 Seamless Floral Border Print Free Digital Pattern

Latest Fashion Design & Industry Related Article/Video Post

Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design (05/24) Tools – Move, Select, Crop

IN THIS VIDEO, learn how to
- Use different selection tools
- Add to and subtract from the selection
- Change artwork layout, duplicate, move and copy layers with the Move tool
- Rearrange image elements using selections
- Copy whole or parts of the image to a different document
- Techniques used to collage presentation boards
- Use tolerance, anti-alias, and contiguous options

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