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V16 Fashion Presentation Layout for Fashion Sketchbook

Use this free fashion presentation layout for fashion sketchbook to take the guesswork out of creating an attractive fashion presentation layout for your fashion design portfolio.

V15 Fashion Design Portfolio Layout Template

Free download of fashion design portfolio layout template with fashion figure placements, fabric swatch placements, and places for style and fabric information can be used to design your fashion portfolio...

Fashion Portfolio V17 Fashion Design Sketchbook Layout

Free download layout template for fashion portfolios, sketchbooks, fashion design journals, etc. This fashion portfolio layout shows a sample cover page and includes fashion figure poses, a dress form template...

Folder: Fashion Layouts

Definition: A fashion design portfolio layout is the way fashion illustrations, flat sketches, inspirational images, & fabric patterns are arranged on a portfolio page, fashion mood board, or fashion presentation board. The number of figures, variety of poses, design elements, and how they are positioned can greatly impact the effect of a fashion presentation.

Printable & Downloadable Fashion Sketchbook Layout Templates

Creating an exciting fashion design portfolio layout, fashion mood board, or fashion presentation boards that don’t overcrowd the page with too many fashion figure poses, technical flats & fabric swatches is tricky and time consuming. Use our fashion design portfolio layout & mood board templates for presentation ideas & inspiration to quickly create dynamic fashion design portfolios, fashion mood board, presentations, & fashion sketchbook layouts.

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