Fabric Texture


Definition: Generally, a texture is the look and feel of a surface or object. A fabric texture or cloth texture is the unique look and feel of a textile fabric as a result of the types of thread yarn, or fibers used to create the fabric and how they are woven and finished. Ex: satin fabrics have a smooth, soft, and shiny fabric texture due to fine, yarns that are woven together in a special way, whereas burlap has a course, dull  fabric texture due to thick fibers that are loosely woven together using a plain weave.

Seamless Textures: Free Fabric Textures

Fabric textures are an important part of rendering fabrics in fashion illustrations. Whether rendering flat fashion sketches for fashion CAD presentation, or rendering fashion design drawings, it is important to depict the fabric texture and cloth texture in a garment design as accurately and realistically as possible. Our free fabric textures downloads are seamless textures that can be used to apply textile or surface texture like knit texture, leather texture, denim, textile weave texture, etc. to fashion sketches using the Texturizer in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Or they can be used as a helpful reference when trying to depict fabric texture characteristics of textiles by hand.

V23 Pointelle Lace Free Seamless Fabric Texture Photoshop
V22 Free Pointelle Sweater Fabric Texture Photoshop
Free Fabric Texture Download V24 Mesh Fabric Texture
V21 Seamless Sweater texture Rib Knit Texture
V20 Photoshop & Illustrator Sweater Swatch Knit Stitch
Illustrator & Photoshop Fabric Texture V25 Seamless Basket Weave Texture
V19 Knit Purl Stitch Free Knit Fabric Texture
Free Seamless Photoshop Pattern V18 Knit Fabric Texture
V14 Free Digital Leather Texture Textile Swatch
V15 Leather Texture Free Digital Swatch
V16 Digital Leather Fabric Texture Swatch
V17 Leather Textile Texture Free for Photoshop & Illustrator
Free Fabric Textures: Loose Knit Seamless Sweater Texture
Seamless Pattern: Herringbone Weave Fabric Texture
slub yarn hand sketch textile texture swatch
Free Fabric Texture of Loose Plain Weave
Multi Color Slub Yarn Plain Weave Seamless Fabric Texture
Black Mesh Swatch Knitted Textile Texture
Silver Sequins Black Background Textile Texture
Black Denim Texture Reverse Side Swatch