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Digital Textile Swatch V23 Free Seamless Plaid Pattern

Free download of seamless plaid pattern swatch that can be used in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Free plaid pattern is easily tileable to create a seamless plaid pattern for rendering CAD flats and fashion...

V22 Yarn-Dye Seamless Plaid Pattern Free

Yarn-dye seamless plaid pattern free textile design swatch to fill flat sketches and fashion illustrations for portfolios and presentation boards that impress!

V21 Brown Colorway Seamless Digital Plaid Pattern

Seamless digital plaid pattern free in brown colorway to fill fashion illustrations and flat sketches with textile designs. This seamless digital plaid pattern free is also available in other colorways.

Folder: Plaid Pattern

Definition: Plaid fabric is a type of textile design where horizontal and vertical colored stripes intersect each other.

Surface Designs: Seamless Plaids Fabric Patterns

Surface Designs of Seamless plaids fabric patterns are printable and downloadable in various styles (including tartan plaid) and colors to use when rendering CADs apparel flat sketches. Full repeats are given for each surface design of plaid texture fabric patterns. Designers Nexus Surface Design digital downloads of plaids fabric pattern designs are in flat colors raster format for easy colorways/color combos generating.

“Thank you so much for the free Illustrator Brushes update... it's truly appreciated”
Maria (Reston, VA)