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Rendered Flat Fashion Sketches- CADs 025b

Fashion Sketches & Illustration: Womenswear 'Relaxed Retro' Group. Fashion CADs example (rendered, digital, fashion flat sketches.)

Fashion Sketches Illustration 072

Freehand fashion sketches. Fashion design apparel: Womenswear fall season roughly rendered fashion illustrations of two walking models.

Rendered Flat Fashion Sketches- CADs 024b

Fashion Sketches & Illustration: Womenswear Grlam Rock Group. Fashion CADs example (rendered, digital, fashion flat sketches.)

Fashion Sketches Illustration 071

Fully Rendered Freehand Fashion Sketches. Fashion Design Women’s wear Fall Season Fashion Illustration Look 1- Printed off shoulder top with cinched elastic waist and asymmetric hemline,  wide leg cut...

Fashion Sketch: Drawing/Illustration 070

#instatrends women’s fashion trend Fall 2018 office wear: Look 1 (left): black corset inspired strapless top over Bishop sleeves white shirt with a flower pin, straight cut above the knee length black skirt...

Folder: Fashion Illustration, Drawings, & Sketches

Definition: the term Fashion Illustration refers to sketches of fashion garments and accessories. Technically, the term Illustration refers to “a picture illustrating books and newspaper”. In Fashion, before photography took over, fashion drawings were used in store catalogs to illustrate available apparel designs, and came to be commonly referred to as “fashion illustrations”. Although today fashion terms “fashion illustration“, “fashion sketches“,and “fashion drawing” are often used interchangeably there is a difference. “Fashion Illustration” refers to the purpose of a picture or image, whereas “Fashion Drawing” describes the attributes of a type of illustration. Fashion Illustrations can actually include any image related to fashion- such as fashion drawings, fashion sketches, photographs, paintings, and so on.

Free Hand Fashion Sketches, Rendered Fashion Drawings & CADs

On this page you’ll find collections of various royalty free fashion illustration for designers to use as fashion illustration references & inspiration. For easier navigation, we’ve split Fashion illustration into categories: Fashion Drawings, Fashion Sketches, and Fashion CADs. Also see the “Categories” menu on the right to check out these and all fashion illustration templates for making a Fashion Design Portfolio. (For updates follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter)

“i love your sketches :D”
Maha (Canberra, Australia)