Fashion Croquis


Definition: A fashion croqui is a rough outline fashion sketch of a figure model in various poses that fashion designers use as a template for fashion sketching, drawing, & illustration to sketch and present fashion designs ideas. Traditionally, a fashion croqui figure is 9 heads tall, but this can vary depending on the designer’s aesthetics. Fashion figures are traditionally slender with exaggerated long legs.


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In the fashion industry, designers have a collection of croquis (fashion figure sketch templates) in a variety of drawing poses to trace over when drawing fashion sketches and design ideas as well as final fashion illustration drawings. Use our free fashion figure templates of female croquis, plus size croquis, male croquis, & kids croquis - all available in Adobe Illustrator vector format & as printable croquis - for drawing your fashion designs. All of our free vector fashion templates are compatible with Illustrator CS2 and newer versions. (For updates follow us on Pinterest, FB, or Twitter) 

Three-Quarter Pose- V47 Fashion Croqui Figure Template
Three-Quarter View V45 Female Fashion Figure Croqui
Female Fashion Coquis Template V41 Three-Quarter Side Pose
V54 Side Pose Free Fashion Croqui Figure Template
Three-Quarter Side View V42 Female Fashion Croqui Template
V41 Free Female Fashion Figure Side Pose Croqui
Female Fashion Croqui Template V30 Three-Quarter View
Female Fashion Croqui Template V16 Three-Quarter View
Female Fashion Figure Back View Croqui Template V17
Female Fashion Figure Template V15 Casual Pose- Hands on Hips
Female Fashion Croqui Back View V10 Casual Pose
Free Female Fashion Croqui Template V9 Three-Quarter Front View


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