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V51 Front & Back Poses Female Croqui Fashion Sketch Template

This female figure croqui fashion sketch template shows both front & back views for the same fashion pose. These fashion figure croquis are ideal for drawing flat fashion sketches and quickly drawing...

V-10 female back croqui template

Downloadable and printable human proportions back view female figure croqui template; goes with  this front view female figure. The fashion template is created for accurate proportion flat fashion sketching.

Female Fashion Figure Template Front View

Female Fashion Figure Template in true human proportions - full body front view missy shape sketch with real body shape. Downloadable and printable in two options 1. with thick outlines for tracing over 2...

Full Body Female Dress Form Template for Fashion Sketching V8

Full body female dress form template with real body proportions for easy fashion sketching of accurate apparel designs. Use the dotted template for quick sketches to get an idea how the garment will look on...

Folder: Technical Drawing Figures

Figure Templates for Technical Fashion Flats Drawing

When inspiration strikes, download these free technical flats drawing templates to for drawing flat sketches or to quickly sketch your apparel design idea, and accurately record a silhouette or graphic / embroidery placement idea. Our figures for technical drawing are easily printable from any home or office printer and includes dotted flat drawing templates to trace when drawing flats by hand. To draw Illustrator flat sketches, simply open a fashion flat drawing template in Adobe Illustrator and sketch your flat drawing over the body, or sketch an embroidery design that is true to scale from the start. (more flat drawing templates coming! Follow us on FB or Twitter for updates)

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“Just wanted to say THANKS!! It's not very often people give away freebies that are both useful and Mac compatible!”
Sadiya (Manchester, UK)