Kids Croquis


Free templates of children croquis (fashion figure outline sketches) for fashion designers to use when sketching childrenswear fashion illustrations. This library includes kids croquis for a variety of ages including newborn, infant, toddler, boy / girl, Pre-teen, Junior & Young Mens.


Note - We are the ORIGINAL creators and source for ALL of our fashion croquis! If you see it somewhere else, it's NOT the highest-quality download!

Download free kids fashion croquis templates in a variety of fashion figure poses to sketch childrenswear apparel designs. All kids croquis are available in Adobe Illustrator format and as free printable croquis. (Updated often - follow us on Facebook and Twitter!)

Fashion Croqui- Kids Figure Template 021
V20 Girls Kids Croquis Free Template
V19 Kids Free Croqui Template – Young Boy
V17 Infant / Toddler Free Kids Croqui Template
V18 Front View Girl Kids Croqui Template
Childrens Fashion Croqui Template V16 Infant / Toddler Back View Fashion Figure
Childrens Fashion Figure Croqui V15 Young Girl Standing Front Pose
Childrens Fashion Croqui Template Newborn-Infant Baby Three-Quarter Pose V14
Childrens Fashion Croqui Templates V13 Pre-Teen Young Mens Croqui Front Pose
Childrens Fashion Croqui Template V12 Pre-Teen Girl Front Fashion Pose
Childrens Fashion Croqui V11 Young Girl Three-Quarter Side View Fashion Pose
Childrens Fashion Croqui Template V10 Infant / Toddler Fashion Pose Front View
Junior Fashion Croqui V9 Pre-Teen Girl Fashion Pose Back View
Childrens Fashion Croqui V8 Pre-Teen Girl in Three-Quarter Side View Pose
Childrens Fashion Croqui Toddler Three-Quarter Side Walking Pose
V6 Childrens Fashion Croqui Toddler Walking Front Pose
Childrens Fashion Croqui V5 Toddler Boy Front Pose
Young Mens Fashion Design Croqui V4
Pre-Teen Girl V3 Vector Fashion Design Croqui
Kids Infant Girl Fashion Croqui Front View V2