Children's Sketches

Illustrator Fashion Templates: Free Childrens / Kids Flat Sketches

Flat sketch templates for childrens apparel design including: newborn, infant, toddler, girls, and boys.


Our collection of free flat sketches for children’s apparel includes common kids apparel designs including onesies, bodysuits, sleep and play, footed pajamas, t-shirts, etc. in Adobe Illustrator vectors (.ai) and bitmap formats. Designers can edit the vector formats in Illustrator to create designs of their own, or trace over to practice flat sketching by hand.

V33 Hooded Jacket Childrens Fashion Flat Sketch
V35 Kids Cargo Pants Fashion Flat Sketch
V34 Straight Leg Kids Pants Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch
V28 Childrens T-Shirt Template Flat Fashion Sketch
V24 Girls Blouse Childrens Flat Fashion Sketch Template
V23 Girls A-Line Skirt Children’s Flat Fashion Sketch Template
V20 Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie Kids Flat Fashion Sketch
V19- Hooded Rain Coat Kids Toddler Flat Fashion Sketch
V32 Childrens Mock Neck Sweater Illustrator Flat Fashion Sketch
Kids / Toddler 5-Pocket Jeans Flat Fashion Sketch V18
V17 Long Sleeve Toddler Kids Top Flat Fashion Sketch
V27 Girls Dress Flat Fashion Sketch for Childrenswear
V15 Infant / Toddler Pants Kids Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch Template
Toddler / Infant Polo Shirt V14 Kids Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch
Toddler / Infant Button-up Shirt V13 Kids Apparel Flat Sketch
Toddler / Infant Dress V16 Kids Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch
Kids Apparel Flat Sketch V12 Children’s Scoop Neck Sweater
Childrenswear Apparel Flat Sketch of Newborn – Infant Denim Jean Jacket V11
Children’s Apparel Flat Sketch V10 Infant Knit Leggings Pants with Side Cargo Pockets
Childrenswear Apparel Flat Sketch 5-Pocket Skirt with Studded Pockets V9