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Our free to use for personal or commercial purpose (see TOU) fashion Sketches & Fashion Templates Downloads are a one stop solution for all your fashion sketching and fashion designs needs. We share our fashion sketches for professional or aspired fashion designers to use as reference, templates, and design ideas.

(Note - We are the creators and ALL of our fashion sketches and templates. We're the original and only source of our high quality downloads)

On this page you can preview all the fashion templates and fashion sketches available in the fashion design Sketches & Templates folder. The pages displays previews of free fashion downloads, fashion drawings and illustrations by the dates they were posted from latest to earliest order.  However if you're looking for something specific, you can also browse fashion sketches and templates by categories:

Croquis, Flats, Illustrations, Patterns, Layouts

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Fashion Design Portfolio and Fashion Sketchbook

Our fashion croquis and rendered fashion figures sketches are a #1 choice for a quick sketching designs in fashion sketchbook as well as complete fashion illustration drawings. With that in mind we've also included a few fashion layouts that can be used as the sketchbook pages or serve as an idea for the fashion design portfolio.
Definition: A fashion design portfolio is a collection of samples put together by a fashion designer to show off his or her skills to a prospective employer or fashion school. A typical fashion design portfolio should include fashion illustrations, an inspiration or mood board with textile swatches, flat sketches & “floats”, and CADs.

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012- Fashion Flat Sketch Blazer with Round Flap Pockets
011- Fashion Flat Sketch Blazer with High Low Peplum
010- Apparel Flat Sketch Blazer with Tulip Sleeves
009- Fashion Flat Sketch Double Breasted Blazer Suit Jacket
016- Male Fashion Croquis Template Front Standing Hands on Hips
015- Mens Fashion Croqui Figure Front Standing Hands on Hips
014- Male Fashion Croquis Template Front Walking Pose
013- Mens Fashion Figure Croqui Three-Quarter Front Casual
010- Fashion Presentation Background Trapezoid Frame Left
009- Fashion presentation background trapezoid frame right
008- Fashion background template Rectangle Frames Left
007- Fashion Background Template Rectangle Elements Right
016- childrens fashion croqui template baby infant toddler back view
015- childrens fashion croqui girl front view
014- childrens fashion croqui template infant newborn sitting pose
013-kids fashion croqui pre-teen boy front pose
014- free female fashion croquis template back view figure
013- female fashion figure croqui full front view pose
012- childrens fashion figure croquis pre-teen girl front pose
011- kids fashion figure croqui girl three-quarter side pose
010- childrens fashion croqui toddler front view pose
009- kids fashion croqui pre-teen juniors girl back view
012- mens fashion croqui template three-quarter pose
011- fashion croqui male casual front pose
010- male fashion croquis figure template front view
009- male fashion figure croqui template front view
011- free fashion croqui template female figure pose
008- tech design flat sketch cropped quilted vest fur trim
007- flat fashion sketch vest with fur trim hood zigzag quilting
006- apparel vest flat sketch deep peter pan collar halter vest
005- fashion flat sketch fur collar vest
008- fashion flat sketch mandarin collar top ruffle placket smocked hem
007- fashion flat sketch fitted blouse top chest pockets
006- fashion flat sketch belter safari shirt roll cuff sleeve


Flat Fashion Sketches, CADs, and Specs in Fashion Design

If you're a professional fashion designer we strongly recommend to focus on flat sketches and CADs (rendered flats), rather than spending most of your time drawing fashion illustrations, which are rarely used in the apparel industry. On the job you'll be spending most of your time to create fashion presentation boards featuring CADs and technical packages to make sample requests. 'Technical packages' or 'sample requests' include detailed flats (flat fashion sketches) and specs (see our 'how to spec a garment article' and visit our store for a comprehensive instructional ebook spec templates).
In Designers Nexus we offer the largest assortment of professional fashion flat sketches in vectors (Adobe Illustrator) and bitmap (jpeg, PNG) formats. You can use our extensive fashion flats collection as either as fashion sketching reference or as fashion templates to create flats, technical drawings, and CADs.
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