Definitions of fashion terminology for various apparel, garment styles, and silhouettes.

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Accordion-Pleated Skirt

A full-circle skirt with narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Click for full definition with images. full article »

Pencil Skirt

A close-fitting skirt named for its’ straight, narrow cut from the hips to the hem. Click for full definition with images. full article »

Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt [mak–see] [skurt] Any skirt with a hemline length that falls to, or below, the wearer’s ankle. See also: SKIRT LENGTHS HISTORY: Late 1960’s: Popularized style due to the resistance of miniskirts. Related Terms: ankle-length skirt, ballerina length skirt, floor-length skirt, full-length skirt, knee-length skirt, micro-mini skirt, midi skirt, miniskirt, tea-length skirt   Source: […] full article »


skirt [skurt]   Garment, which starts above, below, or at the natural waistline and hangs down over legs; not joined between the legs. Especially worn by women and girls. See: TYPES OF SKIRTS (below) The lower portion of a dress, gown, or coat that extends below the waistline. On a dress or gown, can be […] full article »


jacket [jak-it] An outer garment, usually shorter than hip length, with sleeves and typically front-opening. Usually more lightweight than a coat; jackets aredesigned to be worn over other clothing, either indoors or outdoors. Lengths vary from above the waist to hip-length.  Part of a suit, which covers upper part of the body and is usually […] full article »


dress [dres] ~noun A common garment worn by females, which usually consists of a bodice and a skirt, joined with a waistline seam to form a single garment. May also be made as one piece (no waistline seam), and with bodice and skirt as separate pieces (separates). Referred to as “robe” or “gown” prior to […] full article »