Placement Agencies

Fashion Career Talent and Placement Agencies

24Seven Talent Undisputed leader in talent recruitment for all areas of fashion, design to production including: accessories and apparel design, action sports, home furnishings, corporate retail and beauty

Jessilyn Personnel Providing top talent to the fashion industry for over 20 years

Karlyn Fashion Driven to build rewarding relationships between employers and employees in the fashion industry

Fashion Search Group Premier search firm specializing in the wholesale and retail apparel industries

Acquaint New York Acquaint New York marries exemplary candidates with first-rate fashion industry companies. Teaches essential corporate survival skills, interviewing techniques and effective networking strategies to increase each candidate’s visibility.

EZ Fashion Jobs Executive Search firm that specializes in matching New York metro area Apparel, Accessory and Footwear wholesalers with associate through executive level fashion industry candidates. Resume Writing Services also available. For information, contact Ellen Zacarolli at [email protected]

Joan Stock Specializes in the Fashion Industry mostly for New York City

Solomon-Page Group Freelance and fulltime jobs in the fashion and beauty industries

StyleNinetoFive (Canada) A one-stop fashion career website that brings fashion industry employers and job seekers together with a large listing of fashion jobs, online pre-screened resume database and expert advice columns.

Preparation is Key

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