Female Croquis


Collection of female croquis (fashion figure outline sketches used as fashion illustration templates) in Adobe Illustrator format & as printable fashion croquis. All female fashion figures are printable for hand drawing & downloadable in formats compatible for digital fashion illustrations. Variety of figure poses for drawing fashion illustrations of womenswear, missy, junior & plus size apparel designs


Click on a sketch thumbnail to visit the fashion croqui template download page for large preview image. (updated weekly - follow us on Facebook or Twitter)

Female Fashion Croqui Figure V31 Full Front View
Female Fashion Figure Croquis Template V29 Front View
Female Fashion Model Figure Template V28 Three-Quarter Front Pose
Plus-Size Female Fashion Croqui Full Figure Three-Quarter Pose V27
Plus Size Female Fashion Croqui Pose Three-Quarter View Template V26
Free Female Fashion Pose Three-Quarter View V25
Female Fashion Figure Template Full Front View Croqui V24
Free Female Fashion Croqui Back View V23
Female Fashion Figure Template V22 Full Front Pose
Free Female Fashion Pose V21 Full Front View
Female Fashion Pose V20 Three-Quarter Front View Croqui
Female Fashion Figure Pose V19 Three-Quarter View Croqui
Female Fashion Figure Croqui Front View V18 Hands in Pockets
Free Female Fashion Croqui Template Back View V14
Female Fashion Croqui Template V13 Front View
Fashion Croqui Template V11 Three-Quarter Front View, Hands in Pockets
Female Fashion Croqui V5 Three-quarter Front Pose
Female Fashion Croqui Front 3/4 Pose V4
Female Fashion Croqui Design Back View V2
Female Fashion Croqui V1 3/4 Pose