Fashion Flat Sketches


Definition: Flat sketches, also called “flats” in the fashion industry, are a black and white fashion technical drawing that shows a garment as if it were laid "flat" to display all seams, topstitching, hardware, and any other design details.


Use our free flat fashion sketches (available in both Adobe Illustrator vector and printable bitmap format) to help build your fashion sketch style library or as a reference of technical drawing for fashion design. They can also be printed as sketch templates and traced over for freehand fashion drawing. Each fashion technical drawing is sketched with few anchor points for easy editing and are easy to fill with fabric patterns for Fashion CAD flat sketches, fashion design portfolios, presentation boards, etc. Looking for fashion figure templates to draw technical flats? Check out our Fashion Templates(updated weekly follow us on FB or Twitter)

V53 Blazer Free Illustrator Flat Fashion Sketch
V12 Vector Sweater Sketch Free Illustrator Fashion Technical Flats
V11 Free Vector T-Shirt Template Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing
V10 Knits Hoodie Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch Template
V9 Knit Tank Top Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch Templates
V8 Knit T-Shirt Tunic Template Free Illustrator Fashion Flat Sketch
V7 Ladies Sweater Vest Free Illustrator Flat Sketch Template
V6 Racerback Tank Knit Fashion Flat Sketch Templates
V5 Knit Leggings Free Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing Template
V4 Knit Flats Track Shorts Free Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing Template
V3 Knit Hoodie Illustrator Fashion Technical Drawing
V2 Free Blank T-Shirt Design Template Vector Flat Sketch
V1 Fitted Free Vector T-Shirt Design Template Sketch
V44 Flat Sketch Wide Waist Cinch-Leg Cargo Pants Flat Sketch
V60 Long Sleeve Necktie Blouse Flat Fashion Sketch
V22 Belted Racerback Vest Flat Fashion Sketch Templatel
V28 Childrens T-Shirt Template Flat Fashion Sketch
V38 Elbow Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blazer Flat Fashion Sketch
V43 High-Waist Yoke Skirt Flat Fashion Sketch
V25 Cuff Sleeve Belted Blouse Flat Fashion Sketch Top