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Rendered Flat Fashion Sketches- CADs 025b

Fashion Sketches & Illustration: Womenswear 'Relaxed Retro' Group. Fashion CADs example (rendered, digital, fashion flat sketches.)

Rendered Flat Fashion Sketches- CADs 024b

Fashion Sketches & Illustration: Womenswear Grlam Rock Group. Fashion CADs example (rendered, digital, fashion flat sketches.)

V30 Knit Tops CAD Fashion Portfolio Example

Free download of knit tops CAD fashion portfolio example shows fashion technical drawings of knit tops filled with tie-dye fabric & leopard print fabric patterns. The leopard print tank also features a paw...

V28 Knit Tops CAD Fashion Design Portfolio Example

Free download of knit tops CAD fashion design portfolio example shows technical flat sketches filled with screen printed tie-dye fabrics. The tank top features a glittery butterfly graphic on front and...

V29 Graphic T-Shirts CAD Fashion Presentation Board

This free download of a CAD fashion presentation board is a good example of how to show fashion designs and fabric swatches for fashion presentation or in a fashion design portfolio. This fashion presentation...

Folder: Fashion CADs

Definition: Fashion CADs, (Computer Aided Designs) are computer rendered flat fashion sketches (technical drawings) filled with colors and fabric patterns, and arranged on a fashion presentation board or fashion portfolio layout to show how a finished garment will look, or to get a clear picture of a fashion design collection theme. 


In the fashion industry, computer aided fashion designs (fashion CAD designs) are often used in fashion storyboard presentations as visual aids during line meetings and sales presentations, and can serve as a substitute when an actual garment sample is not yet available. CAD Fashion presentation boards can also show additional colors combinations, adding variety to a style, and a fresh take on best-selling styles. Fashion CADs are a very important part of the industry, so they are a must-have to be include in fashion design portfolios. Here we’ve included free downloads of fashion CAD flat sketch presentations used for fashion storyboards and fashion portfolio examples that can be downloaded and used as a reference for fashion layouts & templates.

Also see related fashion presentation category that includes a variety of fashion sketchbook templates, fashion backgrounds, color pallets; fabric patterns for textile surface designs of prints, plaids, stripes, texture; and our popular fashion flats  selection of vector garment fashion sketches.

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