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Fashion Books: Fashion Drawing and Illustration

Fashion Images By Roberta Hochberger Gruber

This is a great reference book that I truly like a lot. Not only does it provide a lot of reference images including photographs of female and male models, but it also gives you number of great techniques for faster sketching. The downside is that it’s pricey. I bought mine years ago for $56, but since then, the price has gone up. I still use it often and would suggest it to anyone on any level. Try buying a used one to save a buck.

Drawing the Head and Figure (Perigee) By Jack Hamm

By far, this is the best and cheapest book on the market. Eloquently written, it offers hands-on instructions on a number of different techniques for fashion drawing. It is packed with only useful information, and leaves out the useless fluff. This book made my life so much easier! I strongly recommend it to any beginner or to anyone wishing to improve their skills.

9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion (3rd Edition) By Nancy Riegelman

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It is published to coincide with “Colors for Modern Fashion” and it is necessary to discuss some of the aspects of the new book to understand the changes in this one.  This new edition of “9 Heads” is the re-statement of the author’s approach to the subject of black and white drawings, incorporating the most developed thinking and views, both in terms of what the end product should look like, and how best to achieve it.  “9 Heads” also presents a different style of finished drawing, one where figures are usually more fleshed-out and where garment fabrics are more rendered than in the drawings of the previous edition.  This edition has been extended in scope as that together with “Colors for Modern Fashion” the two books constitute all the elements of modern fashion drawing from Beginners through to Advanced.    In-depth treatment in men’s fashion.  More serious treatment of children’s fashion.  Completely revised and expanded chapter on drawing clothing on the figure.  New chapter on fabrics shows how to make drawings so the fabrics can be identified from the drawing.  New appendix with hundreds of flats of modern garments.  Quality of the drawing is far higher than the other books on the market. Ideal for those who have no previous formal training in drawing and who have a need to learn the basics of fashion drawing quickly.

Colors for Modern Fashion By Nancy Riegelman

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KET BENEFIT: CFMF teaches the skills and techniques that enable new ideas for fashion to be communicated with precision and flair, showing the way forward for a new generation of fashion designers. CFMF teaches how to draw fashion using colored markers, a medium that is easy to use, convenient, inexpensive and easy to learn. CFMF includes step-by-step drawings and photo sequences as well as clear and complete textural explanations that provide all the technical information and expert guidance needed to draw all types of modern garments. Photos of actual applications of technique with accompanying text. Unprecedented in linking fasion and Color/Design theory and illustrating the concepts using examples from fashion. Explains how to use color effectively in defining the tones used on the face, body and hair, for all skin tone colors and hair types. Shows how to draw garments of every type of a wide range of different fabrics. Designed to be used by readers of all levels of ability. Also an invaluable source of reference, inspiration and pleasure to everyone interested and involved in modern fashion.

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