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Definition: Fashion Terminology are the collective body of terms and phrases used within the fashion industry.

Dictionary of Fashion Terminology

In our Fashion Terms section, we provide definitions of fashion vocabulary like garment construction terms, apparel definitions, garment detail terminology, fashion design jargon and other terms as they relate to the fashion industry.

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Accordion-Pleated Skirt

A full-circle skirt with narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Click for full definition with images. full article »

Accordion Pleats

Narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed (or heat-set) into fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Click to see full definition with images. full article »

Hook and Eye

A two-piece garment fastener consisting of a small metal hook on one side of an opening, which catches onto either an embroidered loop or a small metal hook or bar (the eye) sewn to the other side. Click for full definition with images. full article »

Gripper Snap Fastener

Type of SNAP FASTENER which features tiny teeth that allow the snap to “grip” fabric when attaching, Click for full definition with images. full article »


collar [kol-er] Part of a garment made from a piece of material that is sewn permanently along the neckline. Usually either sits upright against the neck, or folds down to lay along collarbone or shoulders. May be made from matching, or contrasting fabrics. There are many styles and variations ranging from practical or purely for […] full article »

Pencil Skirt

A close-fitting skirt named for its’ straight, narrow cut from the hips to the hem. Click for full definition with images. full article »

Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt [mak–see] [skurt] Any skirt with a hemline length that falls to, or below, the wearer’s ankle. See also: SKIRT LENGTHS HISTORY: Late 1960’s: Popularized style due to the resistance of miniskirts. Related Terms: ankle-length skirt, ballerina length skirt, floor-length skirt, full-length skirt, knee-length skirt, micro-mini skirt, midi skirt, miniskirt, tea-length skirt   Source: […] full article »


skirt [skurt]   Garment, which starts above, below, or at the natural waistline and hangs down over legs; not joined between the legs. Especially worn by women and girls. See: TYPES OF SKIRTS (below) The lower portion of a dress, gown, or coat that extends below the waistline. On a dress or gown, can be […] full article »

Schiffli (Schiffley)

Schiffli (Shifley) [shif-lee]   Type of intricate embroidery mainly used to create lace and eyelet fabrics, where designs are sewn onto a base fabric (i.e.: netting for lace, cotton for eyelet) using a Schiffli embroidery machine. Schiffli embroidery is unique and desired since simple or complex designs can be created with three dimensional effects, multiple […] full article »


jacket [jak-it] An outer garment, usually shorter than hip length, with sleeves and typically front-opening. Usually more lightweight than a coat; jackets aredesigned to be worn over other clothing, either indoors or outdoors. Lengths vary from above the waist to hip-length.  Part of a suit, which covers upper part of the body and is usually […] full article »


dress [dres] ~noun A common garment worn by females, which usually consists of a bodice and a skirt, joined with a waistline seam to form a single garment. May also be made as one piece (no waistline seam), and with bodice and skirt as separate pieces (separates). Referred to as “robe” or “gown” prior to […] full article »