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Accordion-Pleated Skirt

A full-circle skirt with narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Click for full definition with images.

Accordion Pleats

Narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed (or heat-set) into fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Click to see full definition with images.

Hook and Eye

A two-piece garment fastener consisting of a small metal hook on one side of an opening, which catches onto either an embroidered loop or a small metal hook or bar (the eye) sewn to the other side. Click for...

Folder: Fashion Terms

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Definition: Fashion Terminology are the collective body of terms and phrases used within the fashion industry.

Dictionary of Fashion Terminology

In our Fashion Terms section, we provide definitions of fashion vocabulary like garment construction terms, apparel definitions, garment detail terminology, fashion design jargon and other terms as they relate to the fashion industry.

To search for a specific term: Click the magnifying glass in the top menu and type your search phrase followed by “terms” (example: skirt terms).

(Thank you for your patience as we continue to collect and post additional terms!)

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