Independent Fashion

Determined to get your fashion designs in stores or on the runway? Check out these helpful Independent and Underground Fashion sources!

Nolcha Enables aspiring and independent talent to debut their brand, gain and share industry insight, and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Fashion Potential Blogs, tutorials, and workshops that help designers learn how to develop, market, and sell their own fashion line or brand.

PIN Show Provides emerging fashion industry designers, photographers, artists, stylists and retail buyers a profound launching platform for independent work in the fashion industry (Houston, TX).

Design Entrepreneurs NYC A free business intensive for top New York design talent. Program for emerging talent and fashion brands ready to grow their businesses.

Indie Designer Labels Directory for the hottest independent fashion designers.

SF Indie Fashion Web site and online resource dedicated to independent designers in San Fransisco Bay Area and beyond.

Fashion Indie Dedicated to the discovery of emerging fashion talent, the premiere site for fashion design, style and the independent lifestyle

Fulfilling Your Vision

Becoming Your Own Fashion Designer How to Become a Fashion Designer ( Part 5 ) I know some of you may have been disappointed by the realities we exposed in our “How to Become Fashion Designer” article. Our apologies, but we had to destroy the bliss of naivety to spare you from many rude awakenings […] full article »