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  • dress [dres]



  1. A common garment worn by females, which usually consists of a bodice and a skirt, joined with a waistline seam to form a single garment. May also be made as one piece (no waistline seam), and with bodice and skirt as separate pieces (separates). Referred to as “robe” or “gown” prior to the late 18th century.
  2. Clothing, apparel; especially referring collectively to clothing of a particular time period, region, country, etc. (i.e.: tribal dress, dress of the 16th century)
  3. Clothing for special occasions; formal attire.

Related Terms (1.): frock, gown, robe, shift,

Related Terms (2.): apparel, attire, clothing, costume, ensemble, garb, garment, habit, habiliment, outfit, wardrobe

Related Terms (3.): sunday best, evening clothes


  1. To put on clothing. She showered, and dressed.
  2. To put on formal attire, eveningwear. To dress for dinner
  3. To design or supply clothing for (a celebrity): He dresses the Queen
  4. To comb and style (hair).
  5. To prepare animal hides for leather uses by tanning and finishing.

Related Terms (1.): adorn, apparel, attire, clothe, costume, don, wear


  1. Used to indicate formal attire: i.e.: dress suit, dress shirt

Source: Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion p.170,, New Oxford American Dictionary (Mac app) 

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