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  • collar [kol-er]

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  1. Part of a garment made from a piece of material that is sewn permanently along the neckline. Usually either sits upright against the neck, or folds down to lay along collarbone or shoulders. May be made from matching, or contrasting fabrics. There are many styles and variations ranging from practical or purely for decoration. 
  2. Separate or detachable piece of material worn around the neck or neckline – is not sewn or attached to the garment.

HISTORY: 16th-c.: RUFF collar became popular for men and women from 1560’s – 1640’s. 17th-c.: WHISK collar (women) and FALLING BAND introduced. 19th-c.: Men’s shirt and coat collars introduced. 20th-c.: Many styles and varieties of collars introduced.

Related Terms: neckband


Source: Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion Second Edition, Revised p.128,, New Oxford American Dictionary,

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