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Accordion-Pleated Skirt

  • accordion-pleated skirt [uh-kawr-dee-uhn]-[pleet-id] [skurt]

accordion pleated skirt example

  1. A full-circle skirt with narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric, forming alternating raised and recessed ridges. Pleat widths are widest at the hem and gradually become narrow towards the waist, creating a flared shape in the skirt.

HISTORY: 1880’s: Introduced by dancer Loie Fuller for “skirt dancing” (a fusion of ballet and step-dancing which was popular from the 1880’s – 1910 that requires that dancer to manipulate up to 13 yards of fabric in her skirt). Accordion-pleated skirts have been periodically fashionable ever since.

Related Terms: accordion pleats, sunburst-pleated skirt, sunray skirt


References: Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion p.515,,

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