Definition: A fashion illustration is a finished fashion sketch usually consisting of a fashion figure, shown wearing a garment design (fully rendered with textile designs), shoes, and accessories. Often, fashion illustrations are displayed with a background to support the garment design theme. Also see our gallery of  fashion illustrations.


For fashion templates, sketches, drawings, illustrations & presentations see "Fashion Portfolio" category

Check out our gallery of fashion illustration by fashion designers all around the world! All fashion illustrations make use of one or more of our free fashion templates and/or fashion design tools from our store. Please contact us for information about submitting your own fashion illustrations!

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Create your own fashion illustrations with our free fashion templates, and send us your creations!

V96 Ozlem Koc Computer Rendered CAD Fashion Presentation Board
Ozlem Koc V95 Computer Rendered Fashion Illustration CADs
Ozlem Koc V94 Digital Fashion Illustration CAD
V93 Ozlem Koc Fashion CAD Illustration
Ozlem Koc V92 Fashion CAD Portfolio Illustration
V91 Ozlem Koc CAD Fashion Illustration Presentation
Ozlem Koc V90 CAD Fashion Presentation Board Sample Illustration
Fashion Illustration V82 by Monali Nabar Kulkani
Fashion Illustration Gallery Sample V68 Jenneh McCabe
Fashion Illustration V51 by Prishan
V45 Fashion Illustration by Kya Cooper
Kya Cooper V43 Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration V1 by Mezay Ugbo
Mezay Ugbo V79 Fashion Illustration Example
Faye Vazquez V70 Fashion Illustration Drawing
Faye Vazquez V69 Fashion Illustration
Rwa’a Tatour V57 Fashion Illustration Sample
Prishan V56 Fashion Illustration Drawing
Meghan Jackson V89 Fashion Illustration Example
Jahangir Alam V42 Fashion Illustration Drawing

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