Female Croquis


Collection of female croquis (fashion figure outline sketches used as fashion illustration templates) in Adobe Illustrator format & as printable fashion croquis. All female fashion figures are printable for hand drawing & downloadable in formats compatible for digital fashion illustrations. Variety of figure poses for drawing fashion illustrations of womenswear, missy, junior & plus size apparel designs


Click on a sketch thumbnail to visit the fashion croqui template download page for large preview image. (updated weekly - follow us on Facebook or Twitter)

Female Fashion Croqui Template V36 Three-Quarter Front View
Female Fashion Croqui Template V35 Front Walking Pose
Female Fashion Croquis Free Download V40 Front View
Three-Quarter Pose- V47 Fashion Croqui Figure Template
Three-Quarter View V45 Female Fashion Figure Croqui
Female Fashion Coquis Template V41 Three-Quarter Side Pose
V54 Side Pose Free Fashion Croqui Figure Template
Three-Quarter Side View V42 Female Fashion Croqui Template
V41 Free Female Fashion Figure Side Pose Croqui
Female Fashion Croqui Template V30 Three-Quarter View
Female Fashion Croqui Template V16 Three-Quarter View
Female Fashion Figure Back View Croqui Template V17
Female Fashion Figure Template V15 Casual Pose- Hands on Hips
Female Fashion Croqui Back View V10 Casual Pose
Free Female Fashion Croqui Template V9 Three-Quarter Front View